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The Lideres Team has the SR&ED experience combined with technical and financial background to ensure your claim is understood by the CRA. We prepare the claim with minimal time commitment by you. Our expert technical writers prepare the claim reports, working with the financial team to ensure your claim is maximized.

On occasions, CRA does conduct a review. The Lideres Team is there to defend you in the process and help ensure the success of the claim.

All client engagements have full access to the Lideres Team. You may wish to engage us to handle your entire claim on a contingency basis. Or you can engage the Lideres Team to review and provide feedback on a claim you have prepared internally,on a fixed-cost or hourly basis.

Want to learn more about the Lideres Team of scientists, engineers and financial specialists along with its unique seven-step program that can get you cash back from the provincial and federal governments? Contact us.

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